WiFi Connection

  • Click Mobiler icon - [Connect IP]. You probably see one android device or the list of Android device if it's in the shared WiFi network.
  • Now, simply selecting Android device will connect your Android. You don't have to type IP Address any more.

    Mobiler Main Screen   Mobiler Service

  • If you can't find your device on the list, make sure your desktop and Android device is under the same WiFi network.
  • The performance of WiFi connection may be slower than USB connection and it depends on WiFi traffic.
  • One-time connection with the USB is REQUIRED after first installing. After that, you can connect your device through WiFi or USB.


"Mobiler Keyboard" Setup

  • Switch to "Mobiler Keyboard" after connection. Due to a security reason, automatically switching to "Mobiler Keyboard" is NOT allowed in Android system.
  • Try mouse RIGHT button. If you see the keyboard popup, the keyboard isn't switched yet. Meaning, you have to switch or setup a keyboard.
  • Without the keyboard setup, most of keys WILL NOT work properly including BACK, MENU button etc.


  • After you're done keyboard setup, the mouse RIGHT button will work as "BACK" button.


"Keyboard Only" mode

  • "Keyboard Only" mode provides all the key features except device screen or mouse.
  • The mode doesn't need to install a USB driver. After connecting with WiFi, simply switch to "Keyboard Only". [Ctrl+Space]
  • You'll see what you're typing on the desktop and also can see the typed one on Android screen.
  • You can switch to simple skin layout. [Ctrl+Tab]


  • "Change Keyboard (F4)" meaning, the keyboard is NOT configured yet. Press F4 or Click mouse RIGHT button and switch to "Mobiler Keyboard".
  • If you install from Google Play Market and don't have a USB connection, you still can use all the keys like BACK, MENU etc. Don't forget, you'll get more features with USB connection