1. Installing a USB driver

  • Download a USB driver from OEM Support page.For example Samsung device, visit Samsung Support page and enter model name. Select Download-Software link.
  • For other OEM support page, visit this Google page. Click here
  • If you don't want to install a USB driver, you can use Wifi Connection instead of USB connection. The feature will be limited to Mobiler keyboard.


2. Android pre-setup

  • Enable USB Debugging (Settings > Apps > Development > USB Debugging)
  • Enable Unknown Source (Settings > Apps > Unknown sources)



3. Connect with USB cable.

  • Connect your Android device with USB cable.
  • Make sure you see "USB Conencted" and "USB debugging connected".
  • The Mobiler tray icon will become a light gray color icon when connected.


  • You can also check current status of USB connection.



4. Installing MyMobiler Desktop

  • Download and run the setup file (MyMobiler for Android) Download now.
  • If your device is rooted, it will ask you to allow. Select "Allow".
    If no asking, that's NOT a problem.

    permission   user instruct;

  • If nothing happen on Android, try to re-install. (Mobiler icon - Android Device - Install)


5. Connect from Desktop

  • Click the tray icon - Select [Connect] menu. If connect successfully, you'll see the device screen on your desktop application.

      user instruct


1. Mobiler Service

  • Make sure the setting shows [mobiler service : yes]. (Android - Setup Device)
  • If it says [mobiler service : no], connect with USB cable and connect from desktop. (Desktop - Tray icon - Connect)
  • ONE-TIME USB Connection REQUIRED for Mobiler Service running.

    Mobiler Service   Mobiler Service


2. Keyboard

  • Enable 'Mobiler Keyboard'. Android: [Change Keyboard] - [Setup input method]
  • Or click mouse right button on the desktop to change a keyboard.

    Mobiler Main Screen   Change Keyboard   Enable Mobiler Keyboard


3. Display

  • If no display or wrong display, try this. Android - [Setup Device] - [display] - [display] - [3. Other]
  • If any other display or touch or keyboard problem, click here

    Mobiler Main Screen   Change Keyboard



  • Android : You can uninstall it on Android "Setting"-"Apps". Or click Mobiler icon on desktop -"Device"-"Uninstall".
  • Desktop : There's no registry setting so you just delete all files under the installed folder. By default, it will be installed on "MyMobile" folder under desktop.