Q. Keyboard Setup / Mobiler Service

  • Enable 'Mobiler Keyboard'. Android: [Change Keyboard] - [Setup input method]
  • Or click mouse right button on the desktop to change a keyboard.

    Mobiler Main Screen   Change Keyboard   Enable Mobiler Keyboard


  • Make sure [mobiler service : yes] on settings. Android - [Setup Device]
  • If it says 'no', connect with USB connection. Desktop - [Connect]

    Mobiler Service   Mobiler Service


Q. Display: black screen?

  • Try each display access. Everytime you try each option and if works, it will show you current screenshot.
    Android - [Setup Device] - [Display] - [Display] - [1. or 2. or 3.]
    Android - [Setup Device] - [Display] - [Page]

    select access   screenshot

  • If you have any problem with display, try this option.
    (Galaxy Nexus/ Galaxy S3/ Samsung device / Tablet)
    Android - [Setup Device] - [display] - [display] - [3. Other]


Q. Display: wrong color?

  • MyMobiler will detect color automatically but if you see unexpected color like Red, try other display color.
    Android - [Setup Device] - [display] - [color]
    Android - [Setup Device] - [display] - [display] - [3. Other]

    wrong color   select color


Q. Display: upside down or rotated screen?

  • Desktop - Select [Open Mobiler] - [View] - [Rotate Screen] (or 'Rotate' icon on toolbar) For example Kindle Fire, rotate.

    rotate screen


Q. Display: wavy or skewy screen?

  • Try each display align. MyMobiler - [Setup Device] - [display] - [align]

    skew   select align


Q. Touch: no touch input?

  • Try each touch access or method. Everytime you try each option and if it works correctly, it will show you message 'Touch: OK.(xxx,xxx)'.
    MyMobiler - [Setup Device] - [touch] - [touch] or [method]

    select access   select method   touch ok


Q. Touch: touch ok but wrong position?

  • Try each touch origin. MyMobiler - [Setup Device] - [touch] - [origin]

    touch ok but wrong position   select origin